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“Celebrating a 22-year partnership based on a handshake” - Written By Patricia Henderson (2009)
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A 22-year marriage calls for a lovely glass of wine and a few candles. A 22-year real estate partnership calls for the best champagne and fireworks. Both take good communication and a whole lot of trust, but there are far fewer long term real estate partnerships in town than marriages. Gary Smith and Kelley Hineman are one of them. Hineman says, “We have been together longer than we have been with our wives! We really are the longest lasting real estate partnership in the City of Kingston.”

Clients reap the benefits of a team who knows from experience that it’s not just about real estate, it’s about relationships. As Hineman says, “You have to like people. It is really rewarding if everyone walks away happy and the deal goes ahead professionally without a hitch. There is no better feeling than having a happy buyer and a happy seller.”

In the 80s, the two newly licensed realtors met at the independently owned Pratt and Murray offices and were drawn to each other because of a shared work ethic and professionalism and huge trust. Smith remembers, “We both worked very hard. It was a full day and evening and weekend job.” Hineman says, “We needed a day off, and started to alternate weekends. That meant getting to know each other’s clients and sharing information.” Smith adds, “Today, if I take a vacation, I know things are taken care of.” Hineman says, “If you call me, and you are Gary’s client, I am at your beck and call, and whatever you want, I will make happen. We worry about each other’s customers a great deal.”

The advantage to their clients is huge. They get realtors with 46 years of experience between them, realtors who are driven to provide the best service, but never burn out because they spell each other off. The phones are covered by one or the other twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. And they stay up-to-date in an always changing industry. Do you want to know if you pay GST on a new home sale? Call Kelley. Have questions about being a landlord? Call Gary. Want an expert on businesses? Call Kelley. Want an expert on investment properties? Call Gary.

The two made a formal partnership in 1987 – all based on a simple handshake. And since 1993, the pair has been working within Sutton Group-Masters Realty Brokerage. Smith says, “At the end of the day, where we hang our shingle is less important than establishing those important relationships with people. You represent them in the biggest purchase of their life and they count on you to make huge decisions.” And to protect those relationships, they have always taken care to maintain their own confidential phone and fax numbers.

After over two decades in their field they have direct experience in every conceivable type of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial, farms, cottages, vacant land, investment properties, new housing, subdivisions, and leasing and relocation. Add to this their long standing relationship with T. Grant Construction /Terry Grant New Homes, and Smith & Hineman are truly the ultimate in real estate one-stop shopping.

The team keeps up with changing demographics too. Hineman says, “In the next ten years, those aged 65 and older will make up 53% of residential homeowners. This is important so I became an accredited senior’s agent and we work with Tender Transitions, a whole service company offering everything from estate lawyers to tax consultants for seniors in transition.” This ability to change and grow has kept them consistently in the top 1% of all Real Estate Representatives for Sutton in all of Canada for 15 years and the winners of both Masters Platinum Real Estate Awards every year since 1993.

Ultimately, as with any partnership, Smith says they have learned that really, “the totality of the relationship is more than its little idiosyncrasies.” Because of this, the two can now celebrate a nearly quarter of a century old partnership - the depth and integrity of which they pass on to their clients each and every day. Smith & Hineman. Champagne and fireworks. And a solid handshake you can trust.

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